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Lewamm Ghebremariam

BRENN Berlin, Clubcomission,
Challenges and Possibilities of Safer Spaces During the Pandemic Crisis / Tag der Clubkultur als Medium zur Erhaltung von kulturellen Freiräumen und Safer Spaces

Lewamm “Lu” Ghebremariam is a Senior Campaign Strategist for the petition platform Germany. Since 2018, she has been supporting and advising activists with her marketing and strategy expertise making national and international headlines. Lewamm has accompanied and consulted numerous campaigns and initiatives - with a particular focus on elevating “marginalized” voices or helping “niche” issues become mainstream, including #RKellyStummschalten (#MuteRkelly Germany), #NWortStoppen (#StoptheNword) or the just recently passed law against Upskirting. Lewamm is an honorary board member of the Berlin Clubcommission. Focusing on awareness, a low-discriminatory, diverse and sustainable club culture. Since 2017, Lewamm has been hosting the queer-feminist event series BRENN. For her continuous work on elevating marginalized voices in music and clubcluture, Lewamm was included in the “Alternative Power 100 Music List 2020” by and Nativeinstruments.

Lewamm Ghebremariam
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